Dead Living Room

by | May 22, 2017 |

Dead Living Room represents the skeletons of what used to be living rooms, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchens. I portray the continuous change of our home environment all over the world, the constant waste of what we already have in exchange for a newer version which will be thrown out the same way in maybe two-three years.

LENS CULTURE 2017 portfolio review:

“Congratulations on this portfolio Julia! It is both visually compelling and an important articulation about American consumer culture – reading that you took these images while visiting from Europe made them especially poignant for me. While I was charmed by all or these photographs two or your images stood out for me; your first photograph is especially successful – the detail or clothing still being inside the dresser is compelling and the inclusion or the topiary bushes in the background just scream “LA” to me. (…)”