America’s Beauty

by | May 22, 2017 |

Before photographers decide to organize an exhibition, they have to confront their pictures.
I don’t know if I should call mine art – all in all, as a photojournalist, I’m just a medium between subjects and receivers, someone who plays the role of an observer and missionary rather than an artist.

Choice of works is a challenge – especially when a series is born during the selection process. That’s the case with America’s Beauty. I came back to those photographs a month ago, which is 2-3 years after they were taken. Probably back then I would’ve picked different ones. Today these are the portraits that engulf me the most. They remind me what’s life, who’s human. They force reflection while whispering to each other.

The process of taking and presenting the photographs relates to the substantive layer – moments captured in passing, from the hips or shoulders, without the intrusive act of staring at them through a viewfinder. Situations portrayed embrace darkness, fatigue, frustration, dirt, pain… Sometimes brightened by the interaction of the photographed and the photographer.

Regardless of where they’re placed on the social pyramid, for the characters of America’s Beauty time stops for an instant, just so it can quickly again throw another venture of fate at them.

This is my Beauty of America. Deprived of filters. True, human, difficult. But thanks to that, also reflective.